Hey guys, how are you today ?
So, for today article I’m going to do a little throwback on something I did a while ago now. I went on a roadtrip in order to discover my town. Now it’s time to show you the result.
With my little family, we went on a rodatrip to visit each corner of our town. At this point, I realize of much the world is big and full of mystery. I’ve spent my whole life there and there are still unknown places.
That was super cool because first, I was with my family and second, we visit a lot of places. That was a way to catch the max of positif vibes. It’s really important to refresh and get back on track.


When I look back the photos, I’m so happy. I spent a wonderful moment that the memories still on. But if I’m writing this article, it’s not only to say that I’m super thankful for that day but also, to show you that even if you can’t go travelling, you can’t just go for a walk in your town. Seriously, you may be surprised to see all the things you can discover. You what they say , the journey matters not the destination. I can tell you, I was really surprised to see how much we think we know something. There’s always a hiding part into everything.


It was a pretty day. I was able to get all the negativity out me and all the noises out of my head. That was a real break for me. If I wanted to do this roadtrip, that was because I felt the need to take a break from life, to surround myself with positivity and to refind my inner self. And that was so good. I could take photos and videos. So, if you are able to do a roadtrip, jus do it seriously because it’s a such experience. If you wanna share your own, feel free to do it down below.


A roadtrip can be pretty long, so here some essentials to bring with you :

– A backpack

– A camera

– A notebook and a pen

– Your phone and a music player

– Headphones

– A Summer or Roatrip playlist

– Snacks

– A water bottle

– A bit of money

– A book or magazines

– A umbrella

– Sunglasses

– A snapback or cap

– tissues

– Lip balm and cream


That was my article guys, hope you like it. I see you soon for an other one. I send you a lot of virtual kisses. Ciao :*


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