Escape the Night

Hey guys, how are you ? Today, I’m coming at you with a special series article. I’ve decided to talk about a more like « webseries » that I’ve been obsessed with recently. The series is called « Escape the Night ». The series is still airing every Wednesday on Youtube Red.

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Escape the Night is the story of Joey Graceffa. Joey is the fresh new owner of a sumptuous mansion. To celebrate the new acquisition, he decides to invite some of his close youtuber friends to join the party. As the theme of the party is the « 1920 », the guests have to match their clothes to the dress code. No modern objects are allowed. For the guests, it’s a way to disconnect with the new technologies and to have a good time with friends like in the old time. But the guests will find out that the little party they were expected isn’t that enjoyable. The guests will get trapped in the house. The only way to get out is to solve numerous and though riddles. They have until the dawn otherwise they will never get back to 2016.

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+ : What I really love with the show is obviously the cast. Each character has their own personality and are so funny. They are so natural and it’s not like they’re acting or something. The show seems so real and the effects, the riddles, the plot were mind-blowing. It’s pretty addicting and sometimes, you can even get a bit scared.

– : The riddles are preliminary rounds and sometimes you don’t really get the deaths. Why this person ?

Also, some parts of the cast are actors and you catch the difference between the non scripted situation and the scripted one in season 2. But that’s not bothering.

I really love the show because at the end of each episodes you’re left on such cliffhanger. Also, the characters are so lovable. The plot is not cheesy and al that mystery is so addicting.

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Need to give a try guys 🙂


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