Hey guys, how are you ? Today, I’m coming at you with a special movie article. Few weeks ago, Troian Bellisario, also known as Spencer Hastings and Alex Drake in Pretty Little Liars, released her secret project, she’s been working on for around eight years. Her project is the movie Feed.

Capture du 2017-08-02 210844

Feed is the story of a pair of twins : Olivia and Matthew Grey. Olivia (Troian Bellisario) is a straight A student with a bright future and she’s really modest and reserved , Matthew (Tom Felton) is a more relax and party in head boy. They’re both really strongly tied. One night, they go out to celebrate Olivia’s good news. On the way back home, Olivia and Matthew have an accident while they argued. One of the character awakening will be the beginning of a dark experience.

Capture du 2017-08-02 21_41_45.jpg

+ : This movie was such slap in the face. The message behind it was a such deep one. I really love Troian’s character and her sensibility in there. Tom was amazing too and so charismatic character. The chemistry between these two was perfect. You almost forget that it’s a movie.

– : Honestly, it’s hard to find something wrong in the movie. It’s so true story and the authenticity was there. Maybe the fight between Matt and his girlfriend should have been explained a little bit better.

Capture du 2017-08-02 220149

I really recommand the movie. It opens our eyes on so many things : anorexia, grieve and most important, the strong link between twins. The movie is onestly a must seen.


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