Le Baiser de l’Ange

Hey guys, how are you ? Today, I’m coming at you with a special book article. I’m going to talk about my favorite book or more my favorite book series entitled “Le Baiser de l’Ange”.


“Le Baiser de l’Ange” is a book series written by Elizabeth Chandler. The story is about a girl named Ivy, a deep believer of angels, normal girl, pretty shy. Her love interest ? A popular guy, swimmer. In short, the perfect guy. And he secretly shares the same feelings for Ivy. But unfortunately, something terrible will strike their fate. At that point, Ivy looses her faith but locked in her pain and sorrow, she ignores the warning of her guardian angel who tries to give a heads up : danger is near and someone around her tries to harm Ivy.


I really loved this series, seriously. I love how authentic the story is. You can really relate to the characters because they’re so natural. That wasn’t a boring book at all and I really love how the story goes and the mystery hovering in the air. When you read, at each page, you want to know more. You’re put in the middle of the plot. I recommend it !



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