How to be more positive

Hey guys, how are you ? Today, I’m coming at you with a special lifestyle article. I’m going to give you my tips to just try to be more positive. Be carefully, I’m not a specialist okay, I’m just giving you stuffs which surprisingly worked out for me.

What I’ve started to do is to sit in a couch, notebook in hands and make a point about my situation. I’ve taken the most positive stuffs. But you also have to balance and to watch the negative too. I want to know what I’ve successed in, the people I’ve met, the good memories, the moments with my family, my friends … Every little things that give you a smile. But you also have o mark the negative to be able to move on. But don’t focus too much on this negative okay.

To me, writing is really important. I need to visualize what I think andd writing is the way. There’s so many things o write about : goals to reach, things to do, what happened during the day … So many things. People think it’s really old school to journal the situation but I think it’s coming back to the trend. Yes, handwritting letters and all of that are my thing haha.


I think writing down goals to reach ar a good way to motivate yourself to stay positive cause you see yu’ve got something to do. You got to know where are your priorities and then, things get clearer. I’ve learned thoughout the years that some stuffs are more important than other and sometimes I focused on the wrong things.

This is an habit coming from a close one. When I take my breakfast, I put on a motivational video. If I’ve decided to do that the morning is because I need to be full of positive vibes for the rest of the day. I love Georgia Horackova and her videos, so that’s mainly what I watch.

I love reading. It’s like having a super power because you’re able to escape. But, I’m gonna be full honest, I don’t necessarily have time to read : with school, exams, work … So, I started to listen audiobooks. And it’s so handy and you can listen it evryday like even in the bus.


I think what helped me the most to be more positive was to get sometimes out of my comfort zone. I needed to cut the rut and just be able to see other things than the things I see on a casual day. So sometimes, I love having a backpack on and just go outside and explore the city. It’s really a fun aventure and it’s great to just put the hectic days and the crazy world on pause and refresh my mind.

They say music is therapy and gosh they couldn’t be more right. Music helps me so much. I love waking up if a good song on and jam around like a fool. But I also love ending my days with a party in my place and just turn the music on and dance and sing at the top of my lungs.

I think Life is a perfect cocktail of positivity and negativity. If you know how to handle it, you can get the best of both. Take life seriously but with a bit of humor. It’s way more funny. Be positive guys ! We only live once.



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