Hey guys, how are you ? Today, I’m coming at you with a special series article. I’ve just finished watching Sweet/Vicious and I thought I’m going to talk about it because it’s really a good show and I need to talk about it.

Capture du 2017-08-08 163438

Sweet/Vicious is the story of Jules, a perfect student, member of a sorority. But she’s hiding a heavy nd tough secret : she’s the victim of a rapist who’s a close friend of her. After this, she decided to become a kind of avenger and help girls who’s been in the same situation with unusual methods. But a night, her path crossed with an other girl, Ophelia, a hacker, dealer, and they both need to clean up the situation by working together.

Capture du 2017-08-08 164722

+ : The show is so good. The plot is pretty interesting because you follow Jules in her journey to recovery. It’s really a touching story between Jules and Ophelia because you see how different they are but still trying to get along. It’s also intriguant because you wanna know how they handle the situation after what they did in the first episode. And also, there’s a lot of humoristic scenes which are kinda funny.

– : I’m soo disappointed because the show ended up on a huge cliffhanger and so many unsolved mysteries and open questions which need to be answered. Unfortunately, MTV cancelled the show so, you only can have your own intepretations.

Capture du 2017-08-08 165649

However, I urge you to watch the show because it’s really great and it exposes the situation of victims of sexual assaults and also you see different situations where the girls are targeted. It’s really an open-your-mind show.


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