The Unborn


Hey guys, how are you ? Today, I’m coming at you with a special movie article. And I’m coming at you with my all time favorite movie : The Unborn. I love horror movies guys, and if you keep following the blog, you’ll realize this sooner than ever. I specially crave for spooky ones with ghosts and spirits. Warning : if you’re not a spooky movie lover or even horror movie lover, please don’t watch this movie.

Capture du 2017-08-09 15_03_47

The Unborn is the story of Casey, a beautiful student who lost a mom who comitted suicide while she was locked in an asylum. Recently, she’s been victimed of disturbing visions (like a white mask, a fetus, a dog, a little boy) after being hurt in the face by a little boy she has babysat and who said « Jumby wants to be born now ». She doesn’t understand what’s going on and have this impression to be haunted by something. Moreover, her eyes start to change color and turn into a blue shade. She wants to understand the situation and for she has to search in her past and she’s definetely not ready for what she’s going to discover.

Capture du 2017-08-09 150856

+ : I mean, if this movie is my favorite one, there’s a reason behind it. Well, first, spooky movie. Then, the story is so perfect, it’s not boring and the end, gosh, it’s amazing. The actors are amazing, the scenes seem so real and I love movies about twins. I can’t watch this movie everyday actually. Wait, already done.

– : Why is this movie ended ?! No for real, I didn’t like oe thing in there but I can’t say because I don’t wanna be a spoiler.

Capture du 2017-08-09 150539

This movie is SO GOOD ! Seriously, I’ve watched so many horror movies and this one is a very amazing one. There’re others for sure, and this one is one of them. But, like I say previously, honestly guys, if you can’t bear horror movies, then give up guys because, I don’ t want you to be so scared that you can’t even sleep. But, the Unborn is once again AMAZING !


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